First Friday “Gypsy” Happy Hour: We’re Moving Again!

This month's (and hopefully permanent) First Friday home: Bahama Breeze!

This month’s (and hopefully permanent) First Friday home: Bahama Breeze!

As regular First Friday Happy Hour attendees know, we’ve been looking for a “perfect” new home for the First Friday Happy Hour for the last year and a half.And for those who have asked “Why didn’t you just keep it at Stoney’s?” – let me just say it wasn’t our idea to leave and leave it at that.

But in moving the event from place to place ever since, we’ve learned several lessons:

1.) More people DON’T want it at a venue that allows smoking indoors than do.

2.) We need a private room. Sharing our event with others who are not part of our group caused problems for our speakers.

3.) NO ONE wants to pay $10 and $15 for a cocktail during HAPPY HOUR. There’s NOTHING “happy” about that!

4.) Having some kind of food to soak up the alcohol during the event is a plus, as is allowing folks under the age of 21 to attend (providing they don’t drink).

5.) Holding the event either downtown or on the Strip is problematic for a large number of people. Central valley where the event will be equally inconvenient for the largest number of people is preferable!

6.) A meet-and-greet is fine, but folks prefer it when we bring in an out-of-town (or even in-town) VIP who they otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to hear from and talk with.

Alan and I have heard you…and we *think* we’ve found a new home for the First Friday Happy Hour that will make the largest number of people as happy as possible…Bahama Breeze in the Hughes Center on Flamingo and Paradise!

First, we’ll have a private non-smoking room with a private bar and a private stage. However, at max the room will hold only about 140-150 people…so when we do bring in high-profile speakers, it’s possible we may fill up and have to turn people away.

Plenty of FREE parking at a central location just off the Strip.

Under-21 conservatives can attend (but can’t drink).

True HAPPY HOUR PRICES…including half-priced appetizers (the onion rings, I’m told, are to die for)!

  • 14 oz. Draft Beers: $2 bucks
  • 20 oz. Draft Beers: $3 bucks
  • All bottled beers, domestic and imports, $3 bucks
  • Cocktails with Premium Well brands: $3 bucks
  • All wines by the glass: $2 off
  • Select specialty drinks, including Margaritas: $4 bucks

Now here’s the thing about bringing in cool VIP guests-of-honor from out-of-state: It costs money.

So while we may not have an out-of-state VIP for this week’s First Friday (held on the Second Friday) Happy Hour, we’re going to ask for a VOLUNTARY $5 per person donation.

We already have a rather controversial California DEMOCRAT booked for April. This guy is a pot-stirrer like you won’t believe and was all over the media in the Bay Area last week. (The teachers unions and education bureaucrats loathe the man!) More on that later. In the meantime…

If you can help us defray the cost of bringing in speakers, we’ll be able to bring in more and bigger-name speakers. And everyone who kicks in a voluntary donation will receive a raffle ticket for a really cool prize (that Alan and I haven’t come up with yet).

So help us make this event even more special each month by dropping a $5 Federal Reserve Note in the donation jar when you come. And considering how much cheaper your drinks will be at Bahama Breeze than our recent locations…it’s a steal!

This Friday, March 8th from 5-7 pm at Bahama Breeze.

Be there…or be talked about!

Chuck Muth & Alan Stock
Card-Carrying Right-Wing Co-Conspirators

P.S. If you’re offended by the politically incorrect use of the word “gypsy” in the headline…this event is definitely NOT for you!!

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  • Chuck, Alan and other Conservative First Friday attendees,

    As I read this on my phone waiting on my Dentist to show up and start numbing the nagging pain in my tooth, I can only imagine the pain that both Chuck and Alan have gone through to find a place that will facillitate our group and not cost us all an arm and a leg. Regardless of how “rich” the Democrats perceive us to be, I like you are struggling to make ends meet. Putting aside the class warfare talking points so arbitrarily used on a daily basis by the “otherside” I want to congratulate and thank both Chuck and Alan for the work that they have do. Real soon.. I hope to be able to provide everyone some very good news real soon.


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