Miss Minneapolis Coming to First Friday Vegas!

Back in January, Julia Schliesing was crowned Miss Minneapolis and will be competing for Miss Minnesota in June.  If she wins the state pageant she’ll represent the Gopher State in the Miss America Pageant in the fall.

Here’s the really interesting thing about Julia: She’s a self-described libertarian-leaning conservative who has been active on the campus carry issue at the University of Minnesota and hopes to one day run for public office.

And she’ll be our First Friday Happy Hour VIP guest-of-honor in May!

In the meantime, you can catch a recent Minnesota Tea Party podcast interview with Julia by clicking here.

You’ll quickly find out that this is no wishy-washy shrinking violet.  This is a real-deal potential rising conservative star…and not just because she likes beer!  (Hat tip: Dennis Holman)

A First Friday Two-Fer!

A bigger than normal turnout this month as our First Friday Happy Hour included not one, but TWO, heavyweight conservative VIP guests-of-honor…

Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers – who recently announced he will be running in 2016 to unseat Democrat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid – and Adam Laxalt, grandson of the conservative Nevada political legend and GOP candidate this cycle for the position of Nevada attorney general.  His general election opponent will be current Democrat secretary of state Ross Miller, whose father is a former Democrat Nevada governor.

Happy as always to see great conservative friends such as Assemblyman John Hambrick, former Assemblyman Richard McArthur, Lee & Michelle Mueller, Randi Mackie, Vicki Dooling (state assembly candidate!), Mike Little (lieutenant governor candidate), Eddie Facey and too many more to list here!

And although we are THRILLED to be back at Stoney’s for First Friday, they don’t have a restaurant on premises.  However, our friend Chris Hisgen was gracious enough to order pizzas for everybody.  Thanks, Chris!

To see your pictures from this month’s First Friday, please visit our Shutterfly site by clicking here

Fantastic First Friday Fun!

(Chuck Muth) – I cannot tell you how happy everyone was being back “home” at Stoney’s for last night’s First Friday Happy Hour! Parking is not only free, it’s a cinch. We had the whole place to ourselves. And the sound system worked like a charm.

Quite the newsworthy event, as well…

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald – our new co-host for First Friday – fired up the crowd with some opening remarks – before getting back to his football bowl game addiction!

Conservative lieutenant governor candidate Sue Lowden – whose children are all part owners of Stoney’s and who helped bring our event back to the country-western club – welcomed everyone and spoke briefly about her race against moderate GOP opponent, Mark Hutchison.

And our featured speaker, conservative tea party leader Niger Innis, officially announced his candidacy for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, currently misrepresented by handicap parking scofflaw Rep. Steven Horsford.

Plus, the unofficial Citizen Outreach ratings of the 2013 Legislature were published and handed out to everyone who attended. More on that below.

Joining us to usher in the new year were two conservative state legislators, Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (who earned the #1 slot in the ratings) and Assemblyman John Hambrick (#5). Also Phil Perine, president of the Nevada Republican Men’s Club, and my friend Joe Silvestri, former (and loving it!) chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party, and Tom Jones, Clark County Chairman of the Independent American Party.

The next First Friday Happy Hour will be on Friday, February 7th…and will be our annual salute to Ronald Reagan in honor of his birthday. Please join us for a conservative good time…and bring a friend to enjoy Stoney’s 2-1 rail drink Happy Hour special!

Star-Studded, Action-Packed First Friday Happy Hour Tomorrow!

As you already know, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform is our scheduled VIP guest-of-honor for this Friday’s First Friday Happy Hour. But Grover’s gonna be running late, so you’ll have to stick around until about 6:30 pm to catch him.

However, we’ve now confirmed that Sen. Rand Paul will be stopping by and saying a few words! And yesterday my “joined-at-the-hip” co-host, Alan Stock, confirmed that national conservative talk-show host Rusty Humphries (remind me to tell you about Rusty and the Harley “Fat Boy” I won from NPRI!) will be joining us.

Plus, “Atlas Shrugged” producer Harmon Kaslow will be in the house, as well as our good friend and former Nevadan Mark Warden, now a state representative in New Hampshire. And conservative Nevada State Assemblyman Jim Wheeler from Douglas County.

And yes, John Burnett of Las Vegas Gold and Jewelry Buyers will again be buying drinks for the first 100 people through the door!

First Friday is held at Bahama Breeze on the corner of Flamingo and Paradise in the Hughes Center, just east of the Strip. $5 voluntary donation requested.

Doors open to the general public at 5:00 pm, but Silver State Confidential subscribers and ONE GUEST can get in early at 4:30 pm.

The Great “Bahama Breeze Brawl”…This Friday!

This Friday’s “First Friday Happy Hour” at Bahama Breeze in Las Vegas will feature a first-ever GOP Chairman’s Debate between incumbent Clark County Republican Party Chairman Cindy Lake and her challenger, Dave McKeon. The election will be held next month.

KDWN’s Alan Stock will serve as moderator and Chuck Muth and Dan Burdish of Citizen Outreach will be the “Grand Inquisitors.”

And yes, John Burnett of Las Vegas Jewelry and Coin Buyers will once again be buying “Happy Hour” drinks for the first 100 people through the door!

This Friday, June 7, 2013. Doors will open to the general public at 5:00 pm . Debate will begin around 6:00 pm. Seating limited. $5 voluntary donation requested.

Bahama Breeze is on the northwest corner of Flamingo and Paradise in the Hughes Center in Las Vegas. Be there, or be talked about!

What a First Friday Happy Hour This Week!

Due to popular demand, our First Friday Happy Hour this week will again be held in the private Main Deck & Gazebo room of Bahama Breeze in the Hughes Center on the corner of Flamingo and Paradise. And what a program we have this month!

Our VIP guest-of-honor is author Dr. Ben Chavis, a man who took one of the worst public middle schools in one of the worst neighborhoods with some of the poorest kids in the nation and in just a few short years made it one of THE best schools in the entire state of California.

How good?

“(American Indian Model)’s overwhelmingly low-income and minority graduates regularly attend colleges such as UC Berkeley, Stanford and MIT,” wrote Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute last week. “The college acceptance rate is 100 percent.”

Coulson went on to note that Chavis’ three schools – an elementary and high school were added a couple years ago – have reached “a level of excellence never before seen in (Oakland) despite receiving less funding per pupil than district schools.”

For his trouble and success, the school board has accused him and his wife of embezzling $3.8 million and voted two weeks ago to close all three schools at the end of this school year.

Come meet this very blunt-speaking and controversial “inner city principal” at First Friday this week, PLUS…

We’ll be celebrating my 54th birthday! PLUS…

Our special VIP group co-sponsor this month will be the Las Vegas Valley Tea Party!

This Friday, April 5 from 5-7 pm.

Be there…or be talked about!

Chuck Muth & Alan Stock
Card-Carrying Right-Wing Co-Conspirators

P.S. The private dinner with me and Dr. Chavis after the First Friday Happy Hour is sold out, but stay tuned for future opportunities with other First Friday VIP’s.

Speaker Announcement for April’s First Friday

The reviews are in and the new home for our First Friday Happy Hour, Bahama Breeze, was a big hit Friday night!

The private room was “right.” The service was “right.” The food was “right.” The prices were “right.” The sound system was “right.” But most importantly, the crowd was “right.”

Among the luminaries: City Councilman Stavros Anthony, Nevada GOP chief Michael McDonald, former Clark County GOP chief Richard Scotti, gun rights activists Don Turner and Randy Mackie, political consultant Dave McGowan, Veterans in Politics boss Steve Sanson…and, of course, our VIP guest-of-honor, Las Vegas city council candidate Suzette LaGrange.

There’s nothing quite like getting together with fellow conservatives and meeting new ones over an adult beverage or two without bylaws or Robert’s Rules of Disorder. Does a soul good. Thanks to my co-host, KDWN’s Alan Stock, for finding this new home for our monthly event.

The next First Friday Happy Hour will be on Friday, April 5 (my 54th birthday!)…and joining us as our VIP guest-of-honor will be a true unsung American hero, Dr. Ben Chavis.

In case you missed him on John Stossel’s television program last Thursday (click here), Stossel, quoting our guest’s critics, accused Chavis of having “a really big ego” and of being “a megalomaniac, a monster and a curse.”

To which Dr. Chavis responded, with a wry smile on his face, “Oh, yeah, all of those.”

But he immediately followed that up with: “And I know how to educate kids!”

And boy, does he EVER.

Indeed, the charter school he founded is now ranked the BEST in Oakland, California. And that’s despite the fact that almost every single kid in the school is a minority coming from a home at or below the official poverty level in what can only be considered some of the worst neighborhoods in the country.

Oh, and he’s been able to do this by spending LESS money per student than the Oakland school district spends in the rest of their crappy schools.

How has Chavis succeeded where the “professional” education establishment has failed so miserably? You’ll be fascinated by the secrets to success as revealed in his book, Crazy Like a Fox: One Principal’s Triumph in the Inner City.

Available on Amazon.com, of course (click here). And yes, the good doctor has agreed to sign your books at First Friday next month.

In Crazy Like a Fox, Chavis “debunks the myth that poor, minority, inner-city schools have little chance at academic excellence” by “focusing on back-to-basics ideals – academics, attendance, and hard work.” His methods resulted in “remarkable enthusiasm” from the students and “astounding results.”

Indeed, Chavis transformed the American Indian Public Charter School from a “failing, run-down nuisance” to “one of the highest-performing public middle schools in the nation.”

If that makes Ben Chavis a monster and a curse…PLEASE, LORD, give us more monsters and curses and fewer pencil-necked education bureaucrats and greedy, incompetent teachers union boobs!

You don’t want to miss this one, folks. I know some of you will have to be in Carson City for the Nevada GOP Central Committee meeting that weekend…but for everyone else, pencil this into your calendar now!

First Friday “Gypsy” Happy Hour: We’re Moving Again!

This month's (and hopefully permanent) First Friday home: Bahama Breeze!

This month’s (and hopefully permanent) First Friday home: Bahama Breeze!

As regular First Friday Happy Hour attendees know, we’ve been looking for a “perfect” new home for the First Friday Happy Hour for the last year and a half.And for those who have asked “Why didn’t you just keep it at Stoney’s?” – let me just say it wasn’t our idea to leave and leave it at that.

But in moving the event from place to place ever since, we’ve learned several lessons:

1.) More people DON’T want it at a venue that allows smoking indoors than do.

2.) We need a private room. Sharing our event with others who are not part of our group caused problems for our speakers.

3.) NO ONE wants to pay $10 and $15 for a cocktail during HAPPY HOUR. There’s NOTHING “happy” about that!

4.) Having some kind of food to soak up the alcohol during the event is a plus, as is allowing folks under the age of 21 to attend (providing they don’t drink).

5.) Holding the event either downtown or on the Strip is problematic for a large number of people. Central valley where the event will be equally inconvenient for the largest number of people is preferable!

6.) A meet-and-greet is fine, but folks prefer it when we bring in an out-of-town (or even in-town) VIP who they otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to hear from and talk with.

Alan and I have heard you…and we *think* we’ve found a new home for the First Friday Happy Hour that will make the largest number of people as happy as possible…Bahama Breeze in the Hughes Center on Flamingo and Paradise!

First, we’ll have a private non-smoking room with a private bar and a private stage. However, at max the room will hold only about 140-150 people…so when we do bring in high-profile speakers, it’s possible we may fill up and have to turn people away.

Plenty of FREE parking at a central location just off the Strip.

Under-21 conservatives can attend (but can’t drink).

True HAPPY HOUR PRICES…including half-priced appetizers (the onion rings, I’m told, are to die for)!

  • 14 oz. Draft Beers: $2 bucks
  • 20 oz. Draft Beers: $3 bucks
  • All bottled beers, domestic and imports, $3 bucks
  • Cocktails with Premium Well brands: $3 bucks
  • All wines by the glass: $2 off
  • Select specialty drinks, including Margaritas: $4 bucks

Now here’s the thing about bringing in cool VIP guests-of-honor from out-of-state: It costs money.

So while we may not have an out-of-state VIP for this week’s First Friday (held on the Second Friday) Happy Hour, we’re going to ask for a VOLUNTARY $5 per person donation.

We already have a rather controversial California DEMOCRAT booked for April. This guy is a pot-stirrer like you won’t believe and was all over the media in the Bay Area last week. (The teachers unions and education bureaucrats loathe the man!) More on that later. In the meantime…

If you can help us defray the cost of bringing in speakers, we’ll be able to bring in more and bigger-name speakers. And everyone who kicks in a voluntary donation will receive a raffle ticket for a really cool prize (that Alan and I haven’t come up with yet).

So help us make this event even more special each month by dropping a $5 Federal Reserve Note in the donation jar when you come. And considering how much cheaper your drinks will be at Bahama Breeze than our recent locations…it’s a steal!

This Friday, March 8th from 5-7 pm at Bahama Breeze.

Be there…or be talked about!

Chuck Muth & Alan Stock
Card-Carrying Right-Wing Co-Conspirators

P.S. If you’re offended by the politically incorrect use of the word “gypsy” in the headline…this event is definitely NOT for you!!

Boom, Boom…Out Go the Lights

Last Friday’s 3rd Anniversary party for our monthly First Friday Happy Hour was certainly one to remember. Not only did we move the event to Tommy Rockers…and not only did we have “in da house” Louis Prima Jr…but just as I was introducing conservative Assemblyman John Hambrick (Tax Pledge signer!)…out went the lights. Literally.

Power failure in the entire neighborhood.

No big deal. Prima spoke before we lost the lights and mics, and Hambrick…along with congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian and assembly candidate Tom Blanchard…could be heard fine in the dark as the wait staff scurried around lighting candles.

In addition, I think there may have even been a few love connections made in the dark!

Anyway, despite the unexpected power failure, a good time was had by all. See you next month.

First Friday Happy Hour is BACK!!

Tommy Rocker ROCKS at Tommy Rocker’s!

Man, do I need a drink!

Between “You didn’t build that” to Shelley Berkley’s ethics-challenged adventures to Steven Horsford and John Oceguera doing Allison Copening and Shirley Breeden “duh” imitations on Face-to-Face, who couldn’t use a cold, frosty one during these dog days of summer, right?

So you’ll be happy to know that our First Friday Happy Hour get-together celebrations restart again this Friday, August 3rd at the same time…but new location. Here’s the lowdown…

As you probably remember, we cancelled the May First Friday event because just about everybody and their uncle was going to be at either the Nevada Republican Party convention in Sparks or the Libertarian Party national convention at the Red Rock Resort in Vegas that night.

In addition, I was getting a lot of grief from some folks who simply hated us having the event downtown. Me…I love downtown (except for the hellish parking situation!)…but others were clamoring for a more central location.

Well, look…it really doesn’t matter to me, as long as the beer is cold. Whatever makes YOU happy. So if folks prefer a location closer to the Strip than downtown…fine with me. Cheers!

And so we were all set to move the First Friday Happy Hour in June to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar in Town Square…until the place went belly-up and closed two weeks later without notice!

So we didn’t have a location for June…plus, that was the Friday right before our big, annual Conservative Leadership Conference. So we just scratched June.

For July, we still didn’t have a new location and a lot of people were going to be out-of-town for 4th of July that weekend anyway…so we decided to just postpone the whole thing until August. Which brings us to the big announcement…

Thanks entirely to the single-handed herculean efforts by our co-host, Alan Stock of KDWN 720 AM, we will celebrate the third anniversary of the First Friday Happy Hour this Friday, August 3rd from 5-7 pm at…TOMMY ROCKERS!

Tommy Rocker’s is located just west of the “Strip” at 4275 Dean Martin Drive. Take the Flamingo Road west exit off I-15 then left on Hotel Rio Drive and right on Dean Martin and you’ll see it. If you’re coming from Tropicana, head north on Dean Martin Drive and it’s right before the Flamingo Rd. overpass.

And in addition to cold drinks and hot conversation, the best thing about moving First Friday to Tommy Rockers is: BAR FOOD! WOO-HOO!!

So call the baby-sitter, pull out the ol’ seer-sucker and join us this Friday to hoist a toast (or two!) at our First Friday Happy Hour third anniversary party at Tommy Rockers. Be there…or be talked about!